Mellaminn Tomb of Niserie

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Short version: You are Dragonborn who have paid a fee to gather treasures and slay monsters in a part of an abandoned Eladrin Catacombs. You are paid for the work, and you can keep any treasures you find.

In the above map, all that is west of the mountains is the Dragonborn Kingdom. Beyond the view there to the west is the Tiefling Kingdom.

Mellaminn is the city marked M in the south.
Mellaminn – the Dragonborn City and Citadel provides a home to 20,000 and 3,600 Dragonborn respectively.

This city and citadel pair were recently obtained by the Dragonborns from the Eladrin. The city and citadel are thoroughly decorated in Eladrin styles. The Dragonborn began occupying the citadel and city in such numbers that the business were taken over by Dragonborn. It is hard to keep your shop when everyday ten Dragonborn try to muscle you out of it, and every other shop in town experience the same thing. The Eladrin could not afford to go to war with their population overrun in such a way. It took a couple years, but eventually nobody wanted to live with the Dragonborn there.

Caradserin is Marked C in the south.
Caradserin – This gigantic Eladrin metropolis doubled in size when many Eladrin left Mellaminn as the Dragonborn Kingdom expanded. Many minority races were allowed to immigrate there. However,Dragonborn are forbidden from entering their region. As such, part of their peninsula is enchanted against Dragons and Dragonborn. The maps of the peninsula are old, and do not show the other Eladrin city which has only recently been developing within the barrier. Meanwhile the Dragonborn are expanding their Kingdom to the east through the forests north of Caradserin. The Dragonborn grow fast, and the kingdom has been expanding fast as a result.

The Dragonborn are pushing along the southern side of the continent. They don’t fight with villages typically. However, when they expand their domain they claim the land, and people must leave it. Dragonborn will either buyout or essentially over occupy any land they want to claim. However, if the village or current residence becomes hostile, they will take up arms quickly.

The Dragonborn still have much work to do in Mellaminn. They are piecing out work to adventurers to clear the catacombs beneath the city.

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Mellaminn Tomb of Niserie

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