Stolen Labyrinth


You split up the 20,000gp you acquired from the Emerald Dawn’s temple. The elves there were very happy.

Participating characters from last time return to Fallcrest. And there you stay at the Silver Unicorn. When you awake in the morning people are yelling outside and look upward. A massive floating land mass with a flat structure hovers in the air.

Investigation yields tell of a messenger that preceeded the structure in warning. A ranger has bared witness to the danger this structure poses. He travels where it goes trying to warn people. He had arrived a half day ahead of it from beyond the Witchlight Fens by boat with his steed.

Mind blowingly, a wizard has stolen an entire labyrinth. It serves as his floating fortress providing him security to pursue the most heines research into immortality possible. He has obducted hundreds of people in the recent month. It had been focusing on small communities that the ranger had tried to evacuate.

The fortress floats above lowtown currently. It arrived only yesterday. A teleportation circle appeared in the market green. This leads to an entrance onboard the looming structure. Immediately a task force was assembled to siege the floating labyrinth. The 30 men have not returned. A reward is offered for the structure and for the wizard. The reward is 100,00gp worth of platinum with the Wizard alive and powerless, or 50,000 gp in platinum with the Wizard dead from the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. Mass panic has spread through the city by this second day. And making matters worse, several people are missing. Many people are abandoning the city on the second day. People worry they will be obducted or that the fortress will fall from the sky into their precious city.

A new task force is being formed of elite heroes known across the continent who happen to currently be in Fallcrest. Any new characters are recruited at this time.

Afric Eamwulf is the name of the wizard who had boasted this act for sometime. He claimed that if he could acquire help in raising the labyrinth structure that he could secure eternal life to those who helped him.

Breeze is the nickname of the ranger who has been warning communities. He belongs to a long and expansive heritage of rangers referred to as the Darkwood family.

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Stolen Labyrinth

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